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PrimeFulvic is produced through a months-long natural fermentation process without the use of heating or chemicals. This fermentation process separates fulvic acid from the organic substance humic acid. This natural process produces fulvic acid in its purest form.

The recommended daily dosage is 1 ml per 2 kg of animal weight.

PrimeFulvic is easy to mix with drinking water or food and is virtually tasteless for your animal. As a natural product, it is close to your animal’s food. After a short time you will notice the difference! PrimeFulvic promotes resistance and thus the vitality and mobility of your pet.

Suitable for all animal species: dogs, cats, birds, rodents, goats, etc.

For more information, please read the detailed manual on our website.

PrimeFulvic can be used in combination with PrimeHumic. In that case, the doses of PrimeFulvic and PrimeHumic can be halved.

Store in a dark, cool place, out of the reach of children.

(carrier) spring water, 0.6% fulvic acid according to the IHSS measurement

Benefits for, among others:

Dogs: their coat becomes more shiny and they become more vital in all areas.

Cats: become more vital and get a shiny coat.

Chickens: the eggs have an even color, the eggshell is thicker, the chickens are less sensitive to stress and have good feathers.

PrimeFulvic promotes resistance and thus the vitality and mobility of your pet.

Due to the legislation surrounding supplements, we are unfortunately not allowed to provide (complete) information about this product and what it may be used for.
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