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Humic and fulvic acid in your garden
Positive effects of humic acid
  • Promotes flower and fruit growth
  • Improves soil structure
  • Enhances nutrient absorption
  • Stimulates root growth
  • Strengthens plant resistance
  • Enhances water management for better water retention
Positive effects of fulvic acid
  • Increases nitrogen and nutrient uptake
  • Better and larger root growth and biomass
  • Accelerated development of cuttings
  • Use as an addition to foliar feeding
  • Use to enhance seed germination
  • Increases yield and improves the resistance of grass, plants, and crops

Step-by-step guide for a healthy lawn

Soil Type

Investigate the type of soil beneath your lawn.

Discover the soil type beneath your lawn here.


Add TM-7

TM-7 is an essential product for improving your lawn.

TM-7 is a soluble powder consisting of Ful-Humix and seven micronutrients necessary for plant growth. Use TM-7 once every 3 weeks.


Use Ful-Power

Ful-Power is easy to use and delivers excellent results.

Ful-Power is a high-quality fulvic acid product preferred by many gardeners. Apply our Ful-Power to your lawn once a month.

These products optimize the growth phase