Frequently Asked Questions

On our website you will find a lot of information about humic acid and fulvic acid for your (kitchen) garden.
We have tried to make this information as clear as possible, but you may still have questions.

Below you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions about humic acid and fulvic acid for your (kitchen) garden. 

How do I know what type of soil I have and how can I improve it?

You can have a soil analysis doneYou can find more information here.

We recommend having a soil analysis carried out in order to be able to improve the soil in a more targeted manner andsubsequentlyto maintain it optimally.

What is the difference between Ful-Humix, TM-7, Cytoplus & Ful-Power?

Ful-Humix, TM-7, Cytoplus are all humus-basedNutrients have been added to the TM-7 and CytoplusFul-Power consists of fulvic acid.

How can I make the Ful-Humix, TM-7 and / or Cytoplus soluble?

Our humus is soluble, but make sure you use soft, lime-free water. Collected rainwater is perfectly suitable to make the products soluble. 
We use 1 liter per meter.

Ful-Humix           5 grams – per 10 liters

TM-7                     4 grams – per 10 liters

Cytoplus              4 grams – per  10 liters

Precise solutions depend on the phase of the plant/crop or flower, and which product you use and how often.

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When do I use humic acid and when do I use fulvic acid?

That depends on whether you want to sow/plant, or whether you are focused on plant nutrition and maintenance. 
In addition, we apply 4 phases, here you can see exactly what these phases are and which product you can use for each phase.

Why can I halve the use of fertilizer when I add Ful-Power?

Ful-Power, which is pure fulvic acid, is an effective and 100% natural root and growth stimulator that has the ability to improve the absorption of nutrients during all developmental stages (germination, rooting, cutting, growing, sprouting, flowering, fruit or flower development) of plants, grasses and crops. The pure, unbound fulvic acid acts as a natural chelator and as a result, nutrients are absorbed even better and the us of fertilizers can therefore be halved.

How do I soak seeds with fulvic acid?

You fill the supplied cap with 5 ml Ful-Power. 
Use the following scheme for seed germination: 
Vegetable seeds: soak for 72 hours  
Other seeds: soak for 24 hours

When seeds are first soaked in fulvic acid, they will develop faster and the plant will experience less stress. This gives you healthy seeds.

Put this claim to the test by soaking a batch of seeds in plain tap water, and soaking a batch of seeds in water with added Ful-Power!

Is Ful-Power suitable for all kinds of plants and crops?

Yes, it is. Fulvic acid is an organic matter that is not harmful. Ful-Power is a carrier, it binds nutrients and minerals and therefore strengthens the growth and resistance of trees, bushes, plants, etc.

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