Use humic and/or fulvic acid for your horse’s health.

Both mane and tail eczema, as well as mud fever, are well-known issues in horses. Our humic and fulvic acid products provide excellent support in the healing process. For more information, please download our brochures here. (Only available in Dutch for now!)

Real-life examples

“You can see the scabs start to drop off, the skin under the scabs is already becoming calmer, those were very deep gaps (really the thickness of a finger) and now they are becoming narrower and less deep.”

Owner of Wybren and Blubber (Haflingers) from Den Helder

“It is almost bizarre how much it has improved. It has become so much calmer compared to the beginning, there is no more pus in it and the creases are almost healed from the wounds that were in them. The creases on the right back have also become softer, they will probably not go away completely, but this is already a big difference!”

– Owner of Marie-Claire (Frisian) from Utrecht

“So far the gel works well. The PrimeHumic is also working well. My horse is a very difficult eater but the PrimeHumic is no problem and he simply eats it.”

Owner of Luno (KWPN) from Leidschendam

Humic and fulvic acid products for horses