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Properties of humic and fulvic acid

Penetrates the cell nucleus

Heavy metals and toxins are removed

Organic substances

Nutrients and minerals are better absorbed

Humic and fulvic acid in your body
Schema fulvine
Product information

Humic Solution possesses in-depth expertise on the health benefits of the organic substances humic and fulvic acid. We are dedicated to sharing this knowledge with professionals through our website, newsletters, and lectures. Despite conducting extensive research on the effects of humic and fulvic acid on humans, animals, and plants, the outcomes often do not reach the wider audience. Scientific publications, though valuable, are not always accessible to everyone. Our knowledge platform serves as a resource to understand the significance of these organic substances and their potential to restore balance to both individuals and nature.

However, due to current Dutch and European legal constraints, Humic Solution is regrettably restricted from providing comprehensive information about how our products function and their specific applications. Nonetheless, we invite you to explore our website to learn more about the superior quality that sets our products apart from others.

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