HUMASOAK bath powder

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HumaSoak is the difference between bathing…
and immersing yourself in a moment of rest for body and mind

HumaSoak bath powder has a similar effect to the wraps and mud baths you take in a wellness center. HumaSoak is purely natural and consists mainly of organic high-quality humic and fulvic acid.

Also very suitable for use in a foot bath.

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7.5 g (3 full teaspoons of 5 ml) for an average size bath (oversized bath 10 g). The bath water turns like weak coffee. The ideal water temperature is 41 degrees. Chlorine-free water is strongly recommended (if your water contains chlorine, first neutralize it with an anti-chlorine tablet). Start with a 7-8 minute bath and build up to 20 minutes (over a period of 1-2 weeks). Never longer than 20 minutes. Drink plenty of water before and after your bathing session. Relax for 1.5 hours after bathing.

Consult your doctor before use in case of contraindications to a hot bath, such as lung or heart defects, circulatory disorders, breathing problems, increased blood pressure, fever, skin conditions sensitive to heat, open skin wounds or pregnancy. If you get too hot during your bath or you feel dizzy, get out of the bath immediately (carefully).

Soluble humic and fulvic acids from ancient humic deposits.

For optimal results:
Use HumaSoak as a treatment for the first time: 9 baths in the first three weeks, so three times a week. Then 1-2 times a week to provide continued support to your body.
To fully benefit from the benefits of HumaSoak, it is advisable to take time to relax after the bath – an hour of rest would be ideal.

It’s wonderful to end a long working day with a HumaSoak bath. Then eat at most a light meal beforehand and under no circumstances take a bath immediately after the meal; Healthy digestion requires blood in the digestive system and a warm bath actually directs blood to the surface of the body. A hot bath on a full stomach is therefore very uncomfortable.

Your own home spa step by step:

  • Have a clean, soft towel and your favorite housesuit or pajamas ready.
  • Make sure the bathtub is clean and free of soap scum.
  • It is important to drink enough water during and after the detox bath. Alcohol and caffeine are not recommended because they actually remove moisture from the body. Prepare a glass of lukewarm water to immediately replenish the lost fluid; this is more easily absorbed by the body than cold water.
  • Fill the bath with warm water (ideally 40.5°C); If you cannot tolerate a hot bath, start with a lower temperature and try to increase the heat a little with each subsequent bath.
  • You can add bath salts or essential oils to the bath water, but make sure that these consist of purely natural ingredients. Synthetic ingredients and/or oils counteract the effect of HumaSoak.
  • Add the recommended amount of HumaSoak when the bath is full, step into the bath and enjoy! If you feel dizzy, get out of the bath immediately (carefully). That’s a sign that your maximum detox level has been reached for this session.
  • Never take a HumaSoak bath for longer than 20 minutes – HumaSoak works so effectively that a longer bath can cause discomfort (dizziness, headache).
  • HumaSoak increases your heart rate and you will start sweating. This effect lasts for about 1 hour and it is nice to lie down in bed and relax during that time. Your body is then busy working, so allow yourself to support that process!
  • After that hour of relaxation, take a short, warm shower to rinse all toxins from your skin. Preferably do not use soap, shampoo or deodorant until 12 hours after the HumaSoak bath.


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