Frequently Asked Questions

On our website you will find a lot of information about humus, humic acid and fulvic acid for (pet) animals.
We have tried to make this information as clear as possible, but you may still have questions.

Below you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions about humus, humic acid and fulvic acid for (pet) animals.

How can I make PrimeHumic soluble?

Dosing is more practical  with PrimeHumic dissolved in water.
Add the recommended dosage below to 100 ml of soft (lime-free) water and let it rest for 2 minutes.
Stir well and then it is ready for use.

You can use the next dosage for dissolving.

10 kg
20 kg
0,5 grams
1 grams


After making a batch of liquid PrimeHumic you can apply the following dosage:

Refer to the dosage that is recommended, eg 5 grams. Dissolve 5 grams in 100 ml of water (preferably in soft, lime-free water), and then use 10 ml of this solution daily.

Shake well before use!

Undissolved particles may be visible; they do not affect the effectiveness of the product and do not need to be filtered out.

What is the dosage for PrimeHumic in liquid form?

Weight Daily amount
20 kg 15 cc
40 kg 30 cc
60 kg 60 cc


To give this dosage to your pet, we recommend that you add it to the pet’s drinking water.

To mix, use the following ratio: 15 cc PrimeHumic liquid in 100 ml of water.

To a dog of about 20 kg, give 15 cc added to water, or 1.5 cc pure every day (you can use a syringe for this).

To a cat of about 4 kilos, give 3 cc added to water every day.

PrimeHumic liquid can be used in combination with PrimeFulvic.

If you use both products together, you can halve the dosage of PrimeHumic liquid.

What is the dosage of PrimeHumic?

We advise 1 gram of PrimeHumic per 20 kilos.

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