Use humic and/or fulvic acid for the health of your dog.

“Been struggling with allergies for a year. So off to the Cytopoint injections. After 1 bottle of humic acid, there was no more itching and no more oily skin. Had no more injections now. Fingers crossed that this is our miracle cure. So far so good.”
“Our Suuza had been struggling with intestinal problems for a while. Due to reduced resistance, giardia had also come in. Now, after using fulvic acid for a while, she is doing so much better. She has a soft coat and good stools.”
“Our male dog had sperm problems and thanks to the PrimeHumic Liquid this was resolved. We also use it preventively with our other dogs and they simply feel softer and feel better about themselves.”

I had been using the PrimeFulvic on and off for several years. This means that if the dogs had problems with something, the bottle came out of the cupboard and when it was over it went back into the cupboard, how stupid. When I really started to look deeper into it, I realized that PrimeHumic could have even more added value because of the carbon that also absorbs. I only really found out what it does when my male dog (Mickey) was sprayed with muscle enhancers and therefore developed sperm problems. After a few months of use I had it tested and the seed was great and what did I do then… stop because it was good and this was the stupidest thing I could have done. Assuming that Mickey was good, I had him tested again 2 weeks before his 1st mating, just to be sure, and guess what… back to square one, bad seed. Completely stressed, of course, I quickly started using PrimeHumic again and after 7 days it was back, that’s how quickly PrimeHumic produced results and since then I really haven’t stopped and have given it to all dogs as a preventive measure.

Maarten Kappen, the veterinarian in Eersel, also treated 12 males with sperm problems and 60% of them were resolved, of course, depending on the underlying condition. In the same sentence, Maarten also indicates that 100% of users say that the overall condition of their dog has visibly improved.

– John van Meel, Remerkabel Boxers
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