Use humic and/or fulvic acid for the health of your dog.

“Dealing with allergies for a year. Went for the Cytopoint injections. After just one bottle of humic acid, no more itching and no more oily skin. Haven’t needed another injection since. Fingers crossed that this is our miracle cure. So far, so good.”
“Our Suuza had been struggling with intestinal issues for a while. Added to that, she also got giardia due to a weakened immune system. Now, after using fulvic acid for a while, she’s so much better. Soft coat and good bowel movements.”
“Our male dog had semen problems, and thanks to PrimeHumic Liquid, this issue has been resolved. We also use it preventively for our other dogs, and their coats just feel softer, and they are in better spirits.”

“I’ve been using PrimeFulvic on and off for a few years. In other words, when the dogs had any issues, the bottle came out of the cupboard, and once the problem was resolved, it went back in – how foolish. As I delved more deeply into the subject, I realized that PrimeHumic could provide even more added value due to the carbon content, which certainly absorbs. I truly understood its impact when my male dog (Mickey), injected with muscle enhancers, developed semen problems. After a few months of use I had Mickey tested, and the semen was excellent. What did I do next? I stopped because everything was fine! This turned out to be the silliest thing I could have done. Thinking Mickey was fine, I had him tested again two weeks before his first mating, just to be sure, and what do you know? Back to square one, poor semen quality. Panicking, I quickly resumed using PrimeHumic, and within 7 days, he was back on track. PrimeHumic produces results so rapidly, and since then, I haven’t stopped using it, giving it preventively to all my dogs.”
Maarten Kappen, the veterinarian in Eersel, has also treated 12 males with seed problems using PrimeHumic, with a success rate of 60%, depending on the underlying condition. In the same sentence, Maarten notes that 100% of users report a visible improvement in their dog’s overall condition.

– John van Meel, Remerkabel Boxers
Humus- en fulvinezuur producten voor honden