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The natural root and growth stimulator

Ful-Power consists of fulvic acid. Fulvic acid is nature’s transporter, also called the chelator. This means that the fulvic acid in Ful-Power helps plants, grasses, and crops with the absorption of trace elements and minerals that are otherwise difficult to absorb. Due to improved absorption, it optimizes cell and plant growth, increases yield and makes plants, grasses and crops more resistant to pests and diseases.

  • Increases the absorption of nitrogen and nutrients
  • Stimulates better and larger root growth and biomass
  • Increases the absorption of fertilizers
  • Increases the (crop/fruit) yield
  • Increase stress tolerance

Humic Solution offers the right product for every phase in your garden.



Soak seeds (vegetables 72 hours, others 24 hours): 10 ml per liter of water
Grafting/cloning/dipping: 10 ml per liter of water
Plant propagation/splitting: 10 ml per liter of water

Foliar fertilization
Houseplants: 20 ml per liter of water*
Flowers in the vase: 20 ml per liter of water
Garden and potted plants: 20 ml per liter of water*
Lawn: 5 ml per 10 square meters*

Compost tea: 20 ml per liter of water

*Application: repeat every 4 weeks

0.6% fulvic acid (according to the IHSS measurement) extracted from freshwater humus substances from a soil layer that originated in the Cretaceous period.

Store cool and dark. Please note, Ful-Power is a natural product and algae may form if it is stored in a place that is too bright or warm. This is not harmful and does not degrade the quality of the product. In fact, it is an indication of the high biological activity of the product.

Fulvic acid increases nutrient absorption without interfering with your existing plant nutrition plan. In addition, fulvic acid prevents nutrients from binding together and forming an insoluble sediment in a liquid solution.

The fulvic acid in Ful-Power is extracted through a fermentation process in which no heating is used and no chemicals are added. As a result, Ful-Power guarantees a maximum biological effect. It is very suitable for use as a foliar fertilizer.


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