The numbers of bees and other pollinators have been declining worldwide for years. How is this possible? The bee fauna in the Netherlands is changing, for example, due to over-fertilization or intensive land use. But the use of pesticides and urbanization also cause the decline of bees.
This leads to a lack of food and nesting places.
Another reason bees are under pressure is that they have to deal with parasites and viruses. This can sometimes lead to entire bee colonies dying.

Bees provide our food. Pollination is necessary for about 80% of food crops! Only then, most fruits will be developing.
It therefore has a direct effect on food security and our well-being.

What can you do? Makr your own garden more attractive to bees and other insects! We will help you with the following promotion.

Promotion: help the bees!

Our insects are having a hard time, that is why we will give away a bag of flower seed for the bees and a bottle of dissolved humic acid for the soil with every order. A healthy soil contributes to healthy plants and crops and therefore to the health of humans and animals as well.

Will you help us?!

We all know that tiles do not hold rainwater.

With this promotion you can remove 1 square meter of tiles (or use a pot or a border in the garden), and sprinkle the flower seed bag over it. The seed bag also contains our Ful-Humix (humic acid) which slowly dissolves as soon as it makes contact with water. This makes the soil fertile again. The great thing about humic acid is that it retains 7 times more water, which is good during dry times.

You can add half of the help the bees bottle to your watering can and pour it over the seeds after sowing. This provides an extra boost and you can repeat this after 3 weeks.

Tegel eruit, zaadje erin
bloeiende tuin

A green garden

Go for a green garden and sow your flowers that the bees will love!
Did you know that a greener garden has a lot more benefits?

Insects and birds find a blooming and green garden attractive and will find a place much more easily.
Your green garden is also much cooler during heat waves. This is becoming increasingly important given climate change.
Plants and shrubs will reduce the heat somewhat through evaporation and shade.
A tiled garden is much hotter during a heat wave!
By removing tiles, rainwater will easily drain into the soil.

A beautiful garden with blooming plants and colorful and fragrant flowers just make you feel good! This way you can enjoy this this summer with a cheerful buzz in your garden, and we help the bees together. Will you help us?

Healthy greetings from the Humic Solution Team

Everything is connected….people, animals and plants.
The health of one contributes to the health of the other. And we are happy to contribute with our humic and fulvic acid products!

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