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For a healthy soil

A healthy soil is a good soil. Ful-Humix consists of humic acid and fulvic acid and converts organic materials and fertilizers into usable forms for the plant. This increases the absorption of nutrients by the plant. The Ful-Humix ensures that more water is retained in the soil.

Benefits of Ful-Humix

  • Improve soil structure
  • Controlled release/retention of water/nutrients
  • Increase fertilizer intake
  • Increase tolerance to drought
  • Increasing resistance
  • Stimulate microbial activity

Ful-Power consists of fulvic acid. Fulvic acid is nature’s transporter. It helps plants absorb trace elements and minerals that are otherwise difficult to absorb.
Advice: Use Ful-Power during each phase to support the other products

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Humic Solution offers the right product for every phase in your garden.



Houseplants: 20 grams per liter of water
Garden potted plants: 20 grams per liter of water
Lawn/grass: 10 grams per 10 square meters
Soil fertility: 10 grams per 10 square meters

Foliar fertilization, activation of potting soil/compost, watering with a hand watering can, cuttings/grafting, soil improvement. Can be mixed with other fertilizers such as lime.

The enclosed measuring spoon (level) is equal to 1 gram of Ful-Humix.
Repeat dosage every 4 weeks.
Ful-Humix is preferably combined with the Ful-Power for the best results.

WARNING: The insoluble parts can be composted and used on soil/beds or in potting soil. Does not replace fertilizer. Exceeding recommended amounts can cause irregular growth, such as twisted leaves. Humic Solution/BioAg Europe is not responsible for damage caused by incorrect use.

Humic acid >50%, fulvic acid 12%

Keep cool dark and dry. Close packaging after use.

In combination with Ful-Power, the Ful-Humix works even stronger, read about the benefits of this at Ful-Power. Advice: Use Ful-Power during each phase to support the other products

2 reviews for FUL-HUMIX

  1. Joshua

    Fast delivery and a top product and some samples with it!

    What I give to myself, I also give to my plants.

  2. Titie de Vries (store manager)

    Since this spring I have been using the FulHumix for the potted plants, the vegetable garden and the insect flowers. I am very satisfied with it. The geraniums have never bloomed so profusely, the vegetable garden is doing great. And the bees and butterflies are happy too, so many different flowers always.

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