“Humic and fulvic acid good for humans, as well as animals and plants? That sound pretty far-fetched, how is that even possible?”


We often get this reaction, or something like it. But in fact, nobody questions the fact that water is essential for all life. To us it is not unlikely at all that Nature has more to offer that is beneficial to all life.

We have certainly asked ourselves the question whether we should focus on one target group instead of all three. But we quickly answered that question: everything is connected, and the lives and health of humans, animals and plants cannot be separated. Humic and fulvic acids are natural, essential connectors in life on earth. A healthy soil provides healthy plants, giving humans and animals nutritious food full of vitamins and minerals. And, for instance, when cows produce healthy manure by ingesting humic acid, their manure is used on the earth which in turn creates a fertile soil. A simple but beautiful example of a healthy, sustainable cycle.

So in answer to the question that we are often asked, we choose to emphasize the importance of humus and fulvic acid for humans, animals and plants, rather than limit ourselves by focusing on one target group!


  1. Can Fulvic acid for plants be used for human consumption?
    Are the ingredients all the same?

    • Good afternoon, our fulvic acid for plants is unfiltered. Thank you for your interest in our product!

      Kind regards,
      Team Health Solution

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